by Ape BC

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released August 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Ape BC Sydney, Australia

APE BC are an alternative rock band, based in Sydney, Australia.

The members of APE BC share an unapologetic love of alternative rock without rigid attachment to any particular sound. APE BC's new incarnation has but one principal aim: To rock an audience sonically and to explore the realms of expression, originality and sound with deep, powerful clarity. ... more

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Track Name: Diet
Lay low,
fuck it, it’s a bullet you’re being fed
Turn and run instead
It’s not a fair game,
but it’s one they play,
when the kid’s only demand
is the hunt for his head.

Think you’re gonna change it, wrong.
Knowing that as long as there is pain,
then the suffering stays.
It starts with one prayer,
a wish, a command.
The whole world is in your hands,
a small world, or big hands?

Soon all this emptiness will find its way home
and all the surface scars are an expression of his soul.

forget it, the story takes the prize,
but they do what they can.
He’s just a bad man,
bad parents to blame,
when you look them in the eye,
and watch it motherfucker.
Right went to feeling wrong,
send light to the fool in the lines
sit and watch it instead.
This is your last chance,
that’s what you call it
when the proof is in in the product
and you’re praying for them.

Now it’s time to inspire the minds
and enrol everybody
but no one’s listening

It’s the time to inspire the lives
and save everybody.
Our saviours are all dead.
Track Name: The Hand
Frustrated, lusting for more
Afternoon and the face has shadow
Not vacant, engaged in a stall
Educated man, let yourself go

Complicated and overgrown
Late at night, the scent of cologne
Best appendage, the role of a whore
No hesitating and let yourself go

I see the hand
And I smile at them
I don't like everybody else
I see the hand
And I smile at them
— But I don't
Track Name: Vasive
Come suck the love, drain the life.
That’s what you do
Waste the night, taste the salt
It’s the last time I’m with you
Sinking further from the dream
Turning the unreal into real
As the light moves from the day, now’s the time, now gone.

Here, alone by myself
Settle down, get on your knees
and that’s what you do
Vasive, all by myself
Settle down, get on your knees
but I’m watching you

Your light is on, mine is out
Take a seat for view
Moving closer, drawing near
Let us be solely consumed
Just take it off, wretched eyes
Watch you wait for him
As I breathe, as you lay, as I touch, as you run

All those wasted nights, had to resist
When something’s not lost, but to persist
Those watching eyes, they are on you
Forget mine, I’m watching you